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Work at your own free time with these jobs

March 4, 2021

There aren’t many jobs left due to the shrinkage of the job bubble. To ensure you continue working in this economy, you might even need to switch professions temporarily. You can work in several types of jobs such as jobs in restaurants, offices and a few other options to ensure you have a constant stream of cash. So here are some jobs that you can take on to work in your own free time. Be wary that some of these jobs may not apply to everyone at times.

free time at work - Work at your own free time with these jobs

The first job is being a water/waitress at a restaurant. Now that the restaurant industry has started recovering, they have also begun hiring staff. They pay their staff a decent wage of between 1300-1800 in suburban areas and more in city-like areas. You can work these jobs if you have a schedule and would like to work part time. You might need to discuss your wages, time and days before you start but it’ll be worth it once you do. Jobs like these allow you to take tips if there are optional tips as well and you can also expect to receive free meals/discounted meals as an employee there. Furthermore, you can even get EPF and SOCSO from employers which are an added benefit for your future.

Next, you can work in an MLM s. MLMs are a great place to work at your free time. You can either work in their cloud mlm software or even at their sales team. It’s better to join them as a staff member rather than a sales team. If you’re there as a staff, you will earn a stable income with no commissions but if you work there as a sales member, you will only earn what you make. Sometimes you might even earn less due to the fact that the earnings should go to your superior as he/she is allowed to take a cut of your income. If you have any skills to become a staff, we encourage you to do so, as you will be able to make a decent living and you can even get employee benefits such as EPF, SOCSO and others. You don’t have any of those benefits if you’re working as a sales person.

The next job you should enter to work anytime you want is as an independent business person. If you’re planning on opening a small business, you can work anytime you want but that of course has its own repercussions. You can start a baking business or a business at fiverr to work freelance by yourself. Working by yourself has its benefits and risks. By working by yourself, you are responsible for your own losses and profits and you’re held accountable by yourself. Having an independent business is freeing but also suffocating as you don’t have a steady stream of income.

Finally, we hope you consider out options for work you can do in your free time. These jobs may not be the best jobs but they allow you to be independent and work freely. We hope you find the job that suits you best. Good Luck.

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