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Why Choose Dr. Clo During The Covid 19 Period

August 17, 2021
Dr. Clo Covid 19

Since the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Malaysia surpassed 20,000, the public’s mental state and awareness of the epidemic have become more cautious. Once out of the house, even if it was just to throw out the garbage, they were thoroughly disinfected as soon as they got home. Through the daily life of home office and home study, we stay in an indoor environment for a long time, so we have no way to disinfect every corner of our homes every day. Moreover, cleaning is very tiring and takes a lot of time and energy. So we have to look for ways to keep all parts of the home free of novel coronavirus.

Aside from novel coronavirus, there are many bacteria and viruses in our daily lives, even on the keyboard where we’re typing, fingers that have just wiped our eyes. There are bacteria even in the air we are breathing now. So, even though we are not in a pandemic now, regular disinfection of our homes or indoor places is vital for every person’s health.

We are all looking for a convenient and durable disinfectant to ensure our health. From the beginning of the common disinfectant, to a variety of convenient disinfection guns, all are popular in today’s market. Thus, we came up with the idea, can we have a product that automatically sterilizes 24 hours a day? Just put it next to us or stay still in any space and it will operate by itself.

Dr. Clo Covid 19

Oh, this idea has already been implemented by someone! There is really someone doing this, and it was five years ago, before the pandemic. Looks like the man was prescient!

It is a Dr. Clo Covid 19 sterilization and deodorization stick, just like a glow stick, while its activation for disinfection is totally the same as a glow stick! How awesome is it! We just need to grab it along in our handbags when we are hanging out, just need to put it in a little corner of our refrigerators to keep our food fresh longer, just need to take a little bend of the stick and then we will get round-the-clock disinfection and sterilization for up to 50 days in our rooms.

Dr. Clo is invented by a race car lover, Dr. Yoo, who is also a university professor. The idea came from his time-after-time disinfection process of the car steering before every race. The world’s first and only gel-based chlorine dioxide (ClO2) disinfectant stick from South Korea was finally being found in the Malaysian market. That means, we, Malaysians, will get the chance to improve our living environments by saving more time and convenience.

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