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Things you Need to do after lockdown

March 26, 2021

Missing life before lockdown? Wondering when it is going to end so you could finally get out from your PJs? Well, here is a list of things for your to-do once the lockdown ends.


You may think “I have done enough online shopping at this point, this is unnecessary.” Yes, you have done much online shopping, but online shopping can become a toxic addiction to the point your way of handling stress will be online shopping. And by the time you realize it, it will become a disaster. Online shopping can also be a hustle since you are unable to bargain the price and test the products. You are purchasing an item by trusting a stranger’s words. Plus don’t you just miss the walks and wander? The instagramable and delicious-looking foods? What about the time your outfit looks attractive on you while looking through the fitting room mirror?  Paris Hilton once said, “Shopping is my cardio.”Just make sure to wear your masks, always scan through your MySejahtera App and sanitize your hands.


Shopping is still counted as an indoor activity since it’s happening in a space of closed doors and windows, but not camping. If you just want to have more subtle and yet earthly vibes, camping is the right thing to do. Going camping will let you reconnect with nature. Research shows that camping can reduce stress and induce your immune system since you are breathing more fresh air. Unlike shopping, camping is a wallet-friendly thing to do after the lockdown. If you are doing it with your friend, make sure they are covid-19 free and have been tested.


Ever since the lockdown has been implemented, many movies that were supposed to release are now pending. And I’m pretty sure, the fans of the movies or even you are eagerly waiting for it to be released. Luckily, the government has taken measures to provide a socially- distant movie experience in Malaysia. Bring along your own snacks, mask, and hand sanitizers, now you can enjoy the movie while staying safe.


Have you ever wanted to explore the ocean?  I know diving is something you probably don’t commonly see on the list of to-do things, but it is now. This lockdown has made everybody miss the ocean lifestyles. Scuba diving in Malaysia is a fast-growing sport that can easily be learned within a day or two. Especially being in a country like Malaysia, which is rich with beautiful marine wildlife, you have to try scuba diving cause you are missing a whole other civilization in the underworld. The only requirement is to be tested and you are good to go.


Now traveling is something we have to wait long and safe enough, but traveling is a definite must. Not now but once everything is settled and everyone can cross-country, you can start traveling all around the world. For now, you can start your list of countries that you are planning to travel to. I wouldn’t suggest you go overboard with this because we are still uncertain of the future circumstances.

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