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The World of Blogging– Is Writing Being Replaced?

August 16, 2021
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Blogging has been a lucrative business for a long time. It has been the go-to source of different pools of information since the internet began. It has grown into a vast field of variety that appeals to anyone and everyone with a laptop or smartphone. Blogging is not the act of writing alone. It includes several important tandems from the SEO Malaysia to niche selection and aesthetic.

But when writers enter the industry the core fear is their replaceability. The concept of the physical library is becoming outdated as more and more businesses rely on e-books. The art of letter-writing is almost obsolete with the existence of emails. So, will the idea of blog writing disappear in the face of the rise of video blogs and social media?

The Digitization Of Writing

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When the internet became more prominent in homes and phones were modified with text functions there was a shift in the writing paradigm. With texting came the artform of shorthand, because we were learning to pay per word and adjusting our words and phrases to meet our requirements on our budgets.

Text speak, as it is known, also took a turn of its own. The introduction of image attachments, and the ability to send music was a transcendent moment in history. We could now, instead of using words to describe everything, simply take a picture and attach it to the texts without further reiteration.

From this we were rapidly introduced to the world of emoticons and emojis. Emoticons began as a simplistic, minimalistic use of punctuation and letters joined together to express an emotion. However when we fast-forward over the years to the present day, our emoticons have come to be known as emojis, and they depict a wider range of complex emotions that our writing does not quite capture. With emojis we are able to respond swiftly on our activities, our emotions and a whole variety of information that writing sometimes cannot afford us in a short space of time. The description of events has been reduced to images and videos called GIFS as opposed to scripting out lengthy conversations.

Has Blogging Changed?

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With the digitization of text, blogging was bound to change. For instance, blogging itself did not exist before the first computer. And when computers came to play a pivotal role in science, there was no information to acknowledge the concept of blogging. Blogging became recognised as such only in 1999 when the term ‘Weblog’ was shortened to a more palatable ‘blog’.

When the internet was linked to our computers, we found ways to acclimatize and eventually blogging became the writing field it has come to be known as. And it continues to change, just as writing evolved over time.

Will Blogging Become Obsolete In The Future?

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What worries many bloggers is the idea that their title will become meaningless in the future. The rise and popularity of visual media over written media cannot be understated. A large majority of people definitely prefer to watch content than read it. Social media has provided an easy means to ‘blog’ wordlessly with Instagram, Pinterest and many other image-centric platforms shifting to the forefront. YouTube brough to us a different kind of blogging coined ‘vlogging’.  

When it comes down to it, however, written blogs are, in no time, about to become an extinct art. There is so much entangled with the art of writing for it to become obsolete. In financing, blog writing plays a significant role in digital marketing. Blog writing is intrinsic even in entertainment. As long as there is a space for writing, there will be a space for blogging in all its various types.

Blogging is ultimately, adapting to the times and presenting itself in different more accessible and appealing forms for the public. The essence of blogging remains grossly understated by those who are not of the field, but the art of blogging will remain relevant and prevail for as long as the written word continues to exist.

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