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The Utmost Importance of College Education

October 15, 2020
lecture hall - The Utmost Importance of College Education

If you are planning to stop studying now that you get your SPM, I think you should reconsider. No matter where you are in this world, education is still of utmost importance and that is why, you should choose a good kolej untuk lepasan spm. Yes, we are just passersby in this globe, but then again, we need food to get by and for one to feed his stomach, he needs money in which he can only earn if he has education

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I get it that pursuing college is expensive, no matter what way. But this should not stop you from doing so and if you are resourceful, you can find a cheaper option and at the same time, you can also find institutions that can help in financing your studies. 

One of the best options for those who are financially constrained is to opt for a diploma study. This is a course where you only need to spend about 2 to 3 years in school and you can look for a job right away. This is the quickest way for one to earn his own money and to help his parents. With a diploma course, you can already find a number of employers who will accept you. You see, most diploma courses are skill related. Most of the time, you will be hired for a skilled related industry which is in some countries, have better pays. 

Are you financially constrained? That is not a problem with a diploma course as you will be eligible for a PTPTN loan. This should cover your fees for the entire duration of the course. You see, it will be hard for the student to study while at the same time, feel wary that he might not be able to take the coming exams considering his parents are having a hard time financially. At the same time, it will also be stressful for parents and even heartbreaking to know that their son or daughter might be problematic about their financial situation. However, with the PTPTN loan, this can both solve this problem. Well, of course this loan should be paid later, but that time, the student might have a source of income already. 

Education is without a doubt quite important for everyone. This is not something one should think lightly of and you should sambung belajar lepas spm. In fact, this should be automatic to everyone even to those who are financially burdened. There are always ways to find the money to support education. And again, there are a number of agencies who can provide assistance. All you need to do is learn about them. 

One thing though, the PTPTN loan might not accessible for those who are taking a degree course as most of the time, parents of these students are financially capable. They can easily send their kids to school. 

If you are taking a diploma course, this does not imply that you will never be a degree holder. That can still happen if you persevere. You can learn more if you do some research how can this be possible in your case. I would advice you to look at Widad! It is a respected college that offers plenty of opportunities, especially in kursus sains sukan, in the learning aspect as well as for the working life. It would make you strive for the best and push you to your greatest potential.

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