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The importance of social media in our current era

March 12, 2021
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With the invention of Facebook, many people’s social life changed as it provides a platform for netizens to socialize without physically interacting with each other. It enables its users to post any kind of content and create communities that attract more people who share similar interests which enables them to socialize with other fellow members who live overseas. Ever since then, more social media apps are created to offer netizens more options to browse through with their own niches. For example, Instagram is famous for its photography capabilities by introducing filters that users can use to alter their image while Twitter is known for its users to post their thoughts and opinions on the platform while attaching hashtags (#) on their posts to make their posts more noticeable within the community.

With so many social media apps in the google store, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the few social media companies Malaysia users are popular and used in the country. Malaysians are known to use these social media apps to not only form their own community, but to socialize with others or to show off their own body image through these apps. Meanwhile, Japan is known for its animation, or anime, and thus being more popular towards art related applications. Twitter, Pixiv and Instagram are some of the most used social media apps that are used by the Japanese or any anime related art as it has some of the biggest art communities. Additionally, Japan has unique special days such as Pocky Day on November 11th, Setsubun on February 2nd and White Day on March 14th which could provide a more variety of art themes for artists to create their art on. Despite that, other countries can browse through these social media platforms and are able to become part of the community that they wish to join.

Social media although may appeal for casual usage by citizens, it can also be a good source of news, advertisement and interaction with companies. Most companies use social media to advertise their products due to how often it is being used in this modern era and allows them to be more noticeable by the public

In recent years, most, if not, all political figures are using social media apps to convey their thoughts on certain situations, making announcements or debunking any false news they come across upon. Additionally, they are able to interact with fellow users to provide more insight on certain matters personally or be made aware of certain situations that they would not have known which helps them to carry out appropriate countermeasures while becoming more well-educated to the issues.

With social media becoming more mainstream in recent years, more people tend to rely on it as their main source for news. Compared to newspapers, online news is free with the exception of some news websites which require monthly subscriptions. However, they are also prone to fake news if they are not well-educated enough about these websites. Social media users should be more vigilant with their usage and provide a welcoming environment for new users.

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