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the best social media marketing tips for success

March 1, 2021
social media marketing

Today, an opportunity presents to you get millions of people scrolling through your social media platform. Sounds a bit far fetched to you? Certainly not to the best social media and marketing companies in KL or any other successful marketer on social media. 

Currently, there are over 3.6 billion social media users and this number is estimated to grow into 4 billion by the year 2025. Businesses understand the power of social media in turning their start-up into a 6 figure business. However, magically posting on social media does not lead us to a six-figure business overnight. 

So what are the surefire ways to gain cold hard results from social media? Here are some of the social media marketing tactics used by the best of the world’s richest entrepreneurs and social media marketers in their strategy. 

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What are the best social media marketing tips
  • Developing A Proper Social Media Marketing Plan.

Is your idea of social media success simply a nice feed, or a witty tweet every once in a while? Time to change this approach to a more structured and smart one made up of measurable objectives, strategies, and tools. When developing a social media marketing plan, it is important to layout the very basics of the process.

Firstly, align your marketing goals with your social media goals. your message across every channel must be consistent and must paint a brand identity in the mind of the consumer. Coca-cola utilizes multiple social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Nevertheless, their message across through all communication channels is the same and consistent.

Secondly, make sure you understand your target audience by gathering data on them and analyzing their social media behavior. We have billions of users scrolling through every day. It is important for each and every business to be specific about who their target audience is. 

Thirdly, a well developed social media plan is also based on competitor analysis and an audit of your current social media. The audit must include what your current audience is talking about your brand. People talk on various platforms and it is not always right under your nose or on your business page. It is crucial for a business to analyze through the means of social media listening tools to understand the current perspective of your brand. 

Finally, based on your analysis of competitors, target customers, and social media audit, choose the best and optimum social media platform for your business. You don’t need all of the social media channels to promote your business. Listen to your customers and go to the channels where they are most active. 

  • Investing In Creating Quality Video Content

Last summer, we saw Instagram rolling out their new feature called Instagram reels. This feature gives the users an opportunity to create entertaining and short videos that are appealing to their respective followers. In the same year, we saw a major spike in the video-sharing platform TikTok. 2020 was a year for video content and this trend is undeniably here to stay. 

With our demand for engaging content and shortened attention spans, it is no surprise that video is the new trend. Businesses must harness the power of short, powerful, and entertaining video content to engage their target users. The video content does not necessarily have to be about the business product itself. But videos are a great way to personally connect with your customers by keeping them educated, entertained, and engaged. Video provokes emotions, maybe much more than images. 

  • Schedule Your Posts Using Social Media Calendar

A business tends to use more than one social media channel and scheduling is crucial to make sure you stay organized with your social media posts. It is also important to schedule your posts in a timely manner. Your target users tend to be active during certain time periods on different social media platforms. It can take a few experimental turns to understand the most active and engaging time periods. 

  • Hashtags, Hashtags, And More Hashtags

We have all heard of this, but how many of us have been able to utilize this feature to optimize their engagement rate? To use hashtags properly, it takes the perfect mixture of experimentation and keyword research. Research The most commonly used hashtags by the leaders of your niche and continue to implement them in your social media posts. It is also noted that different social media platforms have different optimal numbers of hashtags. 30 hashtags may not work for Facebook but it is optimum for Instagram. For Facebook and Twitter, it is recommended to use around one or two hashtags while Instagram requires more.  

Social media marketing is the golden marketing tool for every business out there. It is free, versatile, and full of endless opportunities. Of course, the success on social media platforms is a mixture of constant research, experimentation, and improvisation. The best social media marketers are not the best because they invented something new but rather they use the basic rules of social media marketing and continue to be customer-centric in their strategy.

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