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Tattoos – What Must Be Known

January 21, 2021
arm - Tattoos – What Must Be Known

Maybe you are planning to have a tattoo since you are checking out this page. Well, it is obvious to see that there are now more people who want to have this kind of art on their skin. Maybe you think this is cool especially that this is now kind of accepted by the society and is quite a trend. 

But you have to know that there are setbacks in having a tattoo and most of the time, this will depend on your tattoo artist. That said, you have to be careful when choose one of the affordable tattoo parlours around KL as there might be highly recommended parlours, there are also some that are not worth your money. 

So, what should you know about tattoos before having this on your precious skin? Check this out:

arm - Tattoos – What Must Be Known
  • The process is painful, and the level of pain will depend on the area you will have the tattoo. You might ask if there is a way to lessen the pain. Well, there is a numbing cream, but it is said that if you use this, the texture of your skin will be affected, and it might make it harder for the tattoo artist to deposit the ink. That said, if you really want to have the numbing cream, you should talk this out with the artist. 
  • Before having a tattoo, you must already know where you will have this and what design to use. Again, the level of pain is not the same in some areas like there are areas where it might hurt more. Another thing you should do is to be sure you will end up with a licensed tattoo artist. So, you should check this out first as well. 
  • A tattoo application is not a process that is without risks. As a matter of fact, there are always risks involved with this kind of art and one most common risk is an allergy especially if you are planning to use red dye. If this is the case, it is best to talk to your doctor first and the more that you must do this if you had an allergic reaction before about red dye, jewelry and cheap fragrances. 
  • After the process, you must stay away from any body of water. Definitely no baths for at least two weeks or after the tattoo is completely healed. You might be able to shower, but you really need to be careful and be sure to pat dry the area where the tattoo is. You should also avoid doing strenuous activities that can entail you to sweat a lot for the same reason. The bottom line is, the area where the tattoo is should be dry at all times. 

Tattoo application is now accepted, but this does not mean that you can just have it without any considerations. You also need to consider your place of work, your religion and so on. And most of all, you have to be ready for this mentally and physically. 

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