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Smart Grocery Shopping Tips For A Better Life

June 11, 2021
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A better life is subjective to our own interpretation and perspectives. However, we cannot deny that a better life considers the impact of actions on our daily life and the external environment. If somehow we are contributing to a buildup of negative results in our surroundings, we need to consider that our life needs a little bit of tinkering to make it better. No matter our interpretations and circumstances, the thoughtful modification of our behavior for more productive results inevitably leads to a better life.

For a better life, we need a better diet and therefore better consumption and shopping skills. So what does our grocery list consist of? What does our pantry look like? How many leftovers exist in the refrigerator and how much have you been wasting? 

Grocery shopping is one of the more satisfying things we do in life. Many experience a rush of dopamine and feel the shot of serotonin when we do our regular weekly grocery shopping. And this is actually scientifically true. Studies have shown that impulse buying while grocery shopping is associated with the feeling of satisfaction that rises as a result of dopamine release. There is nothing like fixing the blues of our lives with a grocery run!

As much satisfaction grocery brings us, sometimes it brings a little too much waste and inhibits reproductive behavior. We buy in excess and waste food or buy too much-processed food, avoid reading labels, hoard too much junk food and do one too many grocery runs every week.  Some habits of grocery runs need to be modified into smarter which can lead to much more productive and better lives.

Doing Grocery Lists 

Grocery lists top every possible smart tip for a better life. And ofcourse, there is a reason why it always tops the list. Writing or doing grocery lists is one of the most effective ways of doing budget control and keeping track of your food and portions. It also gives us the chance to explore new recipes and how to effectively shop for them. Lists keep you balanced, stable, productive, and much more organized with your pantry and refrigerator. 

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Only Doing Grocery Shopping Once A Week

There is no need for a grocery run more than once a week. And this is exactly where a grocery list will help because you can list and note the grocery items you would need for one week. Being well organized will help us manage our grocery items last week or sometimes even two. Unless you forgot something that is absolutely crucial or you ran out of a staple item like eggs and milk, then you do not need to make additional grocery runs throughout the week. Save the dopamine rush of a good grocery for once a week. 

Getting Your Groceries Online 

There are so many time-saving, cost-effective and convenient deals available for online grocery shopping. Some even say that getting their fresh groceries online delivery Malaysia is a much cheaper option than going around supermarkets and grocery stores for fresh items.  So what are you waiting for? Be smart and take advantage of online deals and promotions that will make your life much easier and convenient. If you really love in-store shopping experiences, then maybe cut down your grocery runs to twice or thrice a month and do the rest through online shopping! 

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