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Safety Tips

October 24, 2019
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Cigarettes and fuel don’t go together.

Seen one too many films where the hero makes things go boom with a cigarette and a pool of fuel? Explosions are more glamorous on film than off it. So resist lighting up while tanking up while travelling around Malaysia.

  • Don’™t let the sparks flySeems obvious enough, but the fact is, a running engine’™s battery can trigger sparks. Not the intimate kind, either. More the kind that bursts into flames and makes a mess you’™ll be paying for months down the road.
  • That call or text can waitSame rules apply in the gas station as in the cinema: turn it off, or keep it quiet. All electronic devices“ like the aforesaid engine batteries“ have the tendency to give off sparks. Take a break from your phone and go grab a snack instead.
  • Keep the shock factor down while holding the nozzle, discharge electrostatic simply by touching your car or any other metal object.
  • Prevent an oil spill to prevent overflow, use the latch on your nozzle, which will automatically click off when you’ve reached your desired amount.
  • Avoiding gas problems tempting as some fresh air (or the smell of petrol) may be, keep car doors and windows shut. This keeps flammable vapours from entering your ride.
  • Beware the tech-savvy thief some of the more advanced criminals now go about with metal detectors. That laptop securely tucked away in your car? It’™s not as invisible as you think. Don’™t leave valuables unattended if you can help it.
  • There’s a fire. What do I do? No need to hit the panic button. The most important thing is to not get any of those flames on yourself, by following these few steps:
    1. Step away from the vehicle. Do NOT remove the nozzle from the car this will cause fuel to spill on the ground and spread the fire.
    2. Call for help from the staff or nearest fuel attendant. We have fire extinguishers and know how to use them.
    3. Call the fire brigade or ask someone to do so.

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