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Risks Or Hazards When Working In The Factory

January 23, 2021
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In the factories, there will be many types of machinery in it and there also will be many types of substances or materials that will be handled by the workers. Because of this, they will be exposed to many hazards or risks that can do harm to them while they are working. Other than that, there also might be several heavy works that might be hard to be handled by one person. For example, they might have to lift some heavy things and this might be a bit dangerous for them to do it. That is why safety precautions are set in the factory for the workers to follow so that they can avoid any harm from happening during the working time.

Next, let us take a look at what are the risks or hazards when working in the factory.

  1. Trip, slip or fall in the workplace

When working in the factory, there will be some places that are dangerous and the workers might fall or slip when they are working. Let’s take an example where in the factory, there might be some places that require the workers to work such as the high platform. These places are pretty dangerous because if the workers are not careful when they work at the high platform, they might fall from there and this will hurt themselves or even worse, it may lead them to death. So, they have to be careful when working in high places in the factory. 

  1. Machinery
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Other than that, the workers will be handling heavy machinery when working in the factory. There are many reports of cases of workers involved in accidents when working with the machinery. The machinery itself can bring harm to the user if the user did not handle it carefully. Instead of causing harm to the user, it also could damage the materials or substances that are being handled by the machinery during the process. This needs to be avoided because this can lead to losses to the company as they need to buy another material as the material is damaged and can not be used anymore. You can go to factory automation Malaysia to get automation for your factory.

  1. Dangerous material or substances

Other than machinery, the workers in the factory also will be handling some substances or materials that are dangerous and need to be handled with care. The substances or materials can be sharp, corrosive, hot, and many more. For example, material like glass or wood can be sharp and it might hurt the workers and the substance like acid is corrosive and if the acid gets on to their hands or eyes, it can cause damage and cause erosion. This is really dangerous and this is why the workers have to wear safety gear before they work with dangerous materials or substances. 

In conclusion, there are many hazards and risks when working in a factory. Because of these, safety precautions were made for the workers to keep their safety when working in the factory. So, it is up to the workers to keep their safety while working and the owner of the factory needs to be responsible for their worker’s safety.

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