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Record-Breaking Scuba Diving By Ahmed Gabr

January 15, 2021
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Guinness World Records are well-known for its world records that consists both of humans and the natural world. Now any challenges that can possibly be counted and compared fairly would be considered a record that will be inserted in the list of the world records. They have the global authority for verifying these records and cataloguing it in its list. In 2014, the Guinness World Records recorded a new record for the deepest scuba dive by Ahmed Gabr, breaking the previous record by Nuno Gomes. The record that was previously held by South African Nuno Gomes in 2005, was at 318.25 m and Ahmed Gabr, a 41-year-old Egyptian, broke that record by diving a remarkable record of 332.35 m. Both of the records were done off the coast of Dahab, Egypt and both divers took their pride in their records. 

Before the dive, due to it being a record dive, a team of divers made sure of all the necessary precautions and preparations needed to ensure Ahmed’s safety so that he can successfully complete the record. This record should never be attempted by any scuba divers due to it being extremely dangerous and Ahmed, who is attempting it, is a special forces officer in the Egyptian Army who has been a diving instructor for 17 years. On top of that, he spent 4 years training to attempt this record. Without it, this would not be possible. As for the application, Ahmed submitted it more than a year before his attempt. The planning and preparation were meticulously done with numerous experts on scuba diving. On the day of the attempt, Ahmed spent 12 minutes diving to get to the desired depth and together with him, there was a tagged rope that measured the depth as he dived deeper. Even though it only took him 12 minutes to get to the record-breaking depth, he needed nearly 15 hours to swim back up to the surface for air due to risks pertaining to water pressure at such depths.

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The record was observed by one official Guinness World Records, Talal Omar and three other expert witnesses, Professor Ayman Wanas who is the Vice Dean of Engineering for the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and Director of Professional Association of Diving Instructors course, Mr. Mustafa Alsayyad as well as Technical Diving Internationals instructor, Ahmed S. Hussein. The three of them watched over Ahmed as he executed his attempt and from that, they determined whether the record was valid and whether it successfully broke the previous record. Afterwards, when Ahmed finally surfaced, it was announced that his attempt at breaking the previous record of the deepest scuba dive was perfectly successful. 

In an interview, Ahmed told the media that he wanted to prove to everyone that the human body is capable of surviving such conditions when diving into the deep sea. He was absolutely honoured by the achieved record and was seen showing it off to his friends at the celebration party hours after. His passion in scuba diving is what drove him to take on this record and it shows that he absolutely enjoys diving. If you are inspired by Ahmed and his determination, you can achieve it as well just by starting today with a diving course in Malaysia and who knows, maybe you will break his record next?

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