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October 24, 2019
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How can we help you travel smarter?

  1. With some family support, The PETRONAS SYNTIUM family of fuel economy grade engine oils includes semi-synthetic 10W-30, 5W-30 and fully-synthetic 0W-40, 0W-30 lubricants, for optimum lubrication whatever your car and engine type. Ask about SYNTIUM at your next fuel stop.
  2. By putting service first Petronas has a whole range of products for servicing your ride well including gear oil for manual and automatic vehicles, long-life radiator coolant, and brake and clutch fluids.
  3. By giving you enough are sure your tyres are well-inflated with air pumps and other conveniences art over 1,000 PETRONAS stations nationwide.
  4. By fuelling drivers as well as carsOur 700 Kedai Mesra stores have a wide variety of snacks and beverages to keep you refreshed.
  5. With a clearer view Get your hands on PETRONAS MALAYSIA Durance glass cleaner for a sparkling-clean windshield and a better view of the road.
  6. With a much-needed breakRelieve the monotony of long journeys“ and the growling bellies that follow with over 70 quick-service restaurants from 17 brands and franchises at PETRONAS stations.
  7. With more economical fuel from heavy traffic to parking woes, there are various things that eat away at your fuel reserves. Which is why we created PETRONAS PRIMAX. Inspired by Formula 1TM technology, its special advanced additive technology includes a friction modifier to reduce internal friction between the cylinder and piston rings.
  8. It also produces a finer spray that covers a wider area without using more fuel, resulting in super-efficient usage as well as smooth acceleration. The result? You get more kilometres for every litre of fuel used.
    PETRONAS PRIMAX also contains synthetic detergent that cleans up and prevents the build-up of dirt deposits in the engine. This means it restores and maintains the engine at its optimum efficiency giving even an old ride a new lease on life.

Now you can start using less fuel, and start enjoying more with each drive. What would you #Like2SaveFor?

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