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Making Your Small Kitchen Lively

April 4, 2021
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A kitchen is an important part of our home. After all, it is where we make delicious smelling banana bread or possibly destroy an entire batch of oat cookies. It is where we are free to experiment and create.

The kitchen is where we start our day as well as end the day. It is where we annoy our moms and enjoy the luxurious deliciousness she makes. It is where we create precious memories with our spouses, kids, and parents.  It is also where we spend peaceful Sunday mornings cooking alone, listening to the rain coming down from the rain gutter Malaysia and some music playing in the background.

So, it goes without saying, we love our kitchen. And we would love it to be as lively and alive as possible. The part of bringing life to the kitchen is not just cooking delicious food. Part of it also includes the colorful tiles, marbled kitchen top, sleekness of the hood and the bold color the mugs and plants give, and the spaciousness of the kitchen. However, some of us are not blessed with a huge spacious kitchen. But that is no reason for your kitchen to remain dull. There are so many different ways we can bring life to small kitchens and make it lively. 

Let’s discuss some of these tricks and trips up our sleeves. 

 Choose Being Minimal

The biggest perk of a small kitchen is that it might be easier to design it and bring a theme together. But sometimes, overdesigning can make it look even more cramped up. So going minimal is a great way to make your kitchen feel bigger than it actually is. Going all white might not be on top of your list in a kitchen. But going minimal does not necessarily have to be with white. It can be any nude-ish color or any light color to complement your kitchen. 

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Lighting And More Lighting

When building your home or choosing a home to rent, check out the way light streams into your kitchen. The light in your kitchen can make all the difference. Natural soft lighting in your kitchen is one of the best ways to make it feel homier, lighter, happier, and even bigger. 

Match Your Kitchen Cupboard With Your Walls

This is your basic rule number one in a small kitchen. Your cupboard should have the same color as does your wall. You want your kitchen to feel spacious and not compact. 

Small Details Matter

Don’t ignore the small details just because your kitchen is small. Even a small kitchen can become a high-end, grande kitchen. The kitchen’s grandness is not only in the size but in the small things you incorporate. The pattern you choose and the finish you have on your tabletop or kitchen island also make the difference. The material used for your cupboards, the shelving, the hangers and the placement of the hood and so many more. Every little detail you put into the finishing of the kitchen matters. Even your small touch of adding a plant to your kitchen can make all the difference you need. 

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