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Make Your Own Oden At Home

May 20, 2021
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Oden is a Japanese one-pot dish consisting of multiple ingredients of your liking, but traditionally comprises boiled eggs, daikon, fishcakes, bean curds, and many others stewed in broth. In Japan, Oden is sold almost anywhere, especially inconvenient stores like Lawson and 7-eleven at fairly affordable prices. People usually have them in the morning for their broth that not only fills but warms up their belly before approaching school or work. While Oden’s authenticity prevails in its country of origin, this one-pot dish is sold in many other countries with their own respective fusion put together. 

Oden  11 - Make Your Own Oden At Home

In Malaysia, Oden has been selling like hotcakes in a popular franchise chain convenient store: Family Mart; and to align with locals’ taste buds, a fusion version of Oden where spicy tomyam broth and a plethora of processed ingredients such as beancurd, fishballs, fishcakes, crab cakes, and so on are added upon demand. With its affordability, this has captivated many locals since then. Subsequently, many food & beverage businesses have taken the opportunity to embark on this new strategy, thus the growing number of eateries selling Oden across Malaysia. 

However, in conjunction with the pandemic, going out and about may not be the smartest of choices. If you want to satisfy your cravings for Oden, there are many ways you can make one at your kitchen yourself. 

To start off, you may want to purchase some fresh ingredients from buy grocery online malaysia who are compassionate enough to deliver your goods to your doorstep. Rather than risking your own health and safety going out of the house, these saviors are just a few taps and clicks away. 

Bear in mind that you need not follow any benchmarks of an authentic bowl of Oden. Yet rather, you are always welcomed to explore the plethora of choices and ingredients you intend to include in your bowl. Some recommendations in accordance with local taste buds are cheese-filled tofu, seafood tofu, fishballs, instant ramen to make your bowl of Oden more filling and wholesome. 

Next, you may begin preparing the broth of your choice, whether you want it light and clear, or flavor and spicy, the ball is entirely in your court. What makes broth preparation so simple is that there are pre-made broth cubes you may utilize rather than preparing them from scratch in which they comprise multiple complex steps. You may check out Maggi stock cube available across many local supermarkets. 

To prepare your own bowl of Oden, these are the mere three steps you need to follow. Also, if you are thinking of elevating its flavor, you are more than welcomed to play around with the taste and ingredients. Share it with your friends and family to spread joy.

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