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Latex is a Rubber or plastic?

September 4, 2020
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It is a synthetically produced compound that mimics the properties of natural latex. Instead of being harvested from rubber trees, it is produced from petrochemicals. Synthetic latex is a man-made version of natural rubber. It is produced from petroleum compounds of styrene and butadiene to produce the styrene-butadiene rubber known as SBR. As the name suggests, this is completely synthetic and is basically plastic like most other traditional foams.

In fact, latex can be plastic, rubber, or both, depending on the specific origin of the raw materials and their process of converting them into elastic materials. Originally, latex specifically meant that it was a milky white secretion for any of the many flowering plants that produced the secretions. Rubber gloves made of natural latex are usually derived from harvested latex from a rubber tree that is subsequently processed and modified chemically to produce the rubber used to make the gloves.

Latex natural rubber is prepared from vegetable origin. Generally, the elastomeric particles are derived from a copolymer of styrene and butadiene or styrene and isoprene. Synthetic rubber can be called plastic with good reason, as the components are indistinguishable from the materials commonly called plastic. In addition, there are undisputed types of plastic latex, such as latex paint. In this case, the coating is a colloidal dispersion of the polymer particles that do not share with the latex derived from the rubber tree. Latex and plastic, despite their similarity, are two completely different compounds. Latex consists of natural chemical reactions in trees, while plastic is made from processes that use petroleum. However, in the twentieth century, plastic and latex emerged as important products and are still in existence today.

An allergic reaction to latex can be more severe, especially if the patient is not taking medications or taking precautions. An allergic reaction to latex can be very dangerous and deadly. If you are allergic to latex, your body will blame latex for harmful substances later is natural plant material, but it can also be made by chemical reactions. The most common ingredient in the natural latex plant is plants found in rubber trees – but it is actually found in about 10% of all crops.

In nutshell, latex is proven to be natural rubber, a product mainly made from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis. Latex, along with thickening agent malaysia can be obtained from Malaysian chemical suppliers or chemical manufacturer

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