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Jobs In The IT Field For IT Graduates

August 15, 2021
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The IT industry will forever be the high in-demand industry, that is why there are plenty of jobs opportunities in the IT industry. If you are an IT graduate and you are wondering what job can you pursue, this list will tell you some of the jobs that are related to IT. Psst, some of these jobs are considered the highest paying job. So maybe you will be interested to pursue your career in this line. 

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Software Developer 

A software developer is someone that have the skills and knowledge to build a website, application, or program. They need to be able to write and test many different codes to build the software. Most of the time a software developer needs to develop software that will be used in multiple work industries like the medical, military, business and, communications. That is why they need to communicate with the clients and see what types of software will suit their needs the best. 

Information Security Analyst 

Most high-security institutions like the CIA, FBI or, Police need someone that has the knowledge to protect all of the important data in the system. An information security analyst is someone that is capable of doing that. You need to be able to protect the system and the computer network from any cyber-attack or unauthorized access. You also need to have a data backup device Malaysia, to make sure that you have a backup system. 

IT Support Analyst 

Sometimes a company will have trouble with their computer whether it is a virus attack or software problem and when this happens not many people have the skills to fix them. That is where they will need professional help from an IT support analyst. You need to be able to fix the problems and come up with immediate solutions for multiple problems. 

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computers have many components and most people have zero knowledge about all of these components. That is why we have a computer hardware engineer and they will be responsible to work with all of those computers components. Their task is to check the components and sometimes they also will be responsible for coming up with new hardware. Not only fixing computer’s components but they also need to test out the completed models and see if there is any problems in the components. 

Database Administrator 

With IT you will have a lot of information and data and you want to keep it somewhere safe and easy for you to access. That is where database administrator will do their job. They will use specialized technology to store, organize and implement important data. They also need to come up with the best solution for other people can access the needed data easily. 

These are some of the examples of jobs that are related to the IT field. There are many more jobs that you can pursue in the IT lines, most importantly you need to be able to graduates and have the needed skills and knowledge in technology to be able to pursue your career in this field. 

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