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Gambling in Malaysia

September 4, 2020
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Gambling is referred to the action of playing a game involving some amount of money which means expecting something in return and obviously its money. Gambling on the other hand  has been a debatable topic all over the world concerning its legality. Majority of the countries in Europe have legalised gambling in their respective countries and Europe is also known as the continent with the first and utmost casino, Casinò di Venezia. Some of the countries are Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary and the list goes on. However, there are still countries where gambling is still illegal due to a few reasons. 

Malaysia, which is a Southeast Asian Country with approxiamtely 32 million people do not find any reason to support gambling which means it is illegal. This is because the population in Malaysia is divided by different ethnicities.Th citizens in Malaysia consist of the ethnic groups Bumiputera which is the majority at 67.4%, Chinese at 24.6%, Indians with the percentage of (7.3%) and others at less than 0.8 %. Therefore, it is crystal clear that the reason behind it as Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country which makes all sorts of gambling both online and offline gambling, to be illegal.

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There are no legal online casinos in Malaysia but there is the one and only, legal physical casino in Malaysia which is known as the Casino de Genting. It is located at the state of Pahang which is known for mountains, rainforest, coral reefs and many more. Having more than 3000 slot machines, Casino de Genting is also located 1800 meters above sea level. It is open everyday, every time for gamblers to have an amazon experience. Poker, Roulette, Slot games and Blackjack are some of the games that you can have a chance in exploring your luck. Visit top online casino malaysia to see your luck.  

In 2003, the government of Malaysia stated that it will not be granting any permission and licences for gambling centres or casinos in Malaysia except for the Casino de Genting. This is because as I have stated before, under the Sharia Law, Muslims are forbidden from joining casinos. Therefore, most of the gambling centres or casinos only allow non-muslims with the minimum age of 21.  

However, recently in Malaysia, some illegal gambling centres that had been operating for years came in light due to a viral social media video. These illegal gambling spots were mostly found in the Sungai Buloh industrial area leaving the netizens in a great shock. The police and authorities detained some centres and arrested the owners as well. Going against the law is definitely a crime and no one should be violating them. The authorities also confirmed that since the movement control order, the number of people involved in illegal online gambling has increased tremendously. In 2019, the police arrested around 14,759 individuals who were involved in gambling and seized RM3.8 million in cash and 10,361 equipment that are used for gambling purposes  in those sites.

In a nutshell, although there are laws, some people are still adamant in following them and we should always be responsible in whatever we do.

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