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Choose WIRELESS BROADBAND UNIFI Malaysia for Best results

September 1, 2021
wireless broadband Unifi

The use of 4G networks may however encourage the famous “partial congestion” and other “localized congestion” which may prevent you from connecting to the Internet or which will slow down or even speed. Hence the same advice, from both operators and network experts: switch to Wi-Fi via your fixed box. So use your home Wi-Fi network as much as possible to telework, make video calls, surf social networks or watch videos (knowing that streaming represents 75 to 80% of (global) online data traffic); which will also allow you to save your mobile data. Rather you can use wireless broadband Unifi with the best results.

wireless broadband Unifi

While increasing the speed of navigation, for its part, Chrome offers a “simplified mode” on the same principle: part of the data goes through Google’s servers before being downloaded to your device, and if the page loads slowly, Google’s servers simplify it to reduce the amount of data downloaded.

Guide: how to improve your home Wi-Fi network  

It often happens that Internet boxes and other routers do not flow the maximum of their wireless network to your devices. For various reasons that are not necessarily related to the ISP: a bad configuration, a location where the waves pass badly, or too many connected devices in the house.

Test Your Speed At First

First test your speed, in order to check the quality and stability of your Wi-Fi network. The Speedtest site , or that of the Measurement Lab (in partnership with Google), will provide you with the connection data speed for downloading and importing as well as latency (ping). They will also give you indications of use (HD streaming, 4K). Thus, you will be able to know whether or not it is a problem related to your ISP or not: your access provider always guarantees you a minimum speed, in Mbps / Megabits per second. It is often slightly lower in reality, but the margin should be small.


If your Wi-Fi is poor but it’s not the ISP, start by moving your box to maximize its range. You have to keep in mind that everything is a question of waves, and that your connection will necessarily go faster if you place your internet box in the center of the home, or as close as possible to your devices, without too many obstacles (walls thick, extended dwelling on the surface or on several floors) on the way. In such cases choosing the wireless broadband Unifi is much more important.

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