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Betting in Video Games

February 28, 2021
esports betting on self 825x400 - Betting in Video Games

Making bets across many different competitive video games and seeing which team will win or lose while you make bets is not an uncommon practice. It might sound unusual to bet on Team Faze against Team Fnatic during the finals of the Call of Duty World Championship, but in reality, people do it all the time. Especially with the rise of Esports and more competitive games being developed and published by leading game development companies, betting in video games is only getting more and more popular. Betting will always be prevalent in any form of competitive game or sport especially if it involves a high level of skill.

With video game betting websites, betting in video games has only become easier and more accessible. Since their early days, betting platforms for Esports have come a long way. There were just a couple of sites you could use for betting on Esports a few years back. The list is totally huge nowadays. But that takes us to another problem-nowadays, there are so many Esports bookies that it’s hard to come across a 100% reputable one. Betting in games such as fifa online bet have become much easier to do and the process is a relatively simple one. Just go to any specific game betting website, place bets and withdraw winnings if you win.

Some websites for specific games are different in terms of how you place and win bets. However, we can show you some criteria for the best video game betting websites.

esports betting on self 825x400 - Betting in Video Games

 When choosing the right CS: GO betting page, because you are only interested in betting at the biggest CS: GO tournaments, which are held two to three times a year, you must guarantee that it has good tournament coverage. CS:GO gaming provides a lot of variety as far as special bets are concerned. The best CS: GO bookies also sell the likes of knife round winner, gun round winner, round handicap, and many more, in addition to under/over maps in Bo3 and Bo5 matchups.

MOBA games (more on genres down below) are Dota 2 and League of Legends, so it’s not shocking to see that they have similar special bets. Special bets for first blood are still available here, but so are the other bets, albeit with different names. Dota 2 has barracks instead of inhibitors. Dota 2 has Roshan instead of Baron Nashor. We’re confident that you get the idea…

There is strong coverage of Dota 2 tournaments in most esports bookies. All majors are well guarded, plus The Domestic. But for your Dota 2 bookie of choice, if you want to be picky, search for places offering the most special bets and the best odds.

In the Esports industry, Valorant is on the right trajectory to become the next best thing. We’re looking at a well-balanced, highly competitive first-person shooter here, a game that borrowed from its direct rivals (Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and CSGO) the best mechanics and packed them in a flourishing advertising-friendly environment.

In conclusion, betting in video games is just as normal as betting on your favourite football team in a league final. It may sound unusual, but people have made quite a lot of money from betting on competitive Esports games. To learn about gambling in Malaysia, click here.

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