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Best TikTok Traders To Follow In 2021

February 27, 2021
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Traders seem to be everywhere we go. Whether it is on Instagram, youtube, or Snapchat there is always someone throwing around financial advice and investment guides. With the coronavirus outbreak, it is not that far-fetched to say that TikTok has become the muse for many young investors. It is easy to get lost in this sea of vast information so we took our time and researched on some credible internet gurus for investment guidance.  If you plan on getting on the list of top 10 forex brokers in Malaysia, the TikTok platform may truly be your beginning. 

To feed your interest in investing and trading,  here are some of the more notable TikTok traders who have caught the eye of the public for their honesty and credibility among the users. 

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  • Robert Ross, @tik.stocks A senior equity analyst, Robert ross is known for sharing his opinions on stocks such as Palantir, Alibaba and his insights on market trends. Robert Ross is an individual who believes in the current generation’s power and enthusiasm in stocks as a passive income and he aims to teach them good habits in the stock market. 
  • Charlie Dmar, @Charliedmar Staying away from penny stocks and options, this fine young man rose to become a billionaire at the age of 21. He is a professional at picking undervalued stocks and teaching them to the younger generation. Following such advice blindly can have repercussions but the lessons he brings forth is inspiring and educational.
  • Errol Coleman @errol_coleman Errol Coleman is an expert in trading psychology, technical analysis, and individual stocks and he spends a good portion of his time teaching 200000 of his followers about these stocks. He spreads his educational content through TikTok in a way it is humorous and light-hearted but his aim remains in teaching anyone who wants to learn about the stock market. He saw the opportunity for a market of youth interested in the stock market and he stepped forward to teach online in February 2020. 
  • Collin Miciunas @mainstreetwolf It is not far-fetched to say TikTok is now the wall street traders desk. With everything online, traders moved to TikTok and Collin Miciunas did the same. He is a financial analyst who provides a range of educational content regarding dividends and describing strategies. 
  • Austin Hankwitz, @austinhankwitz Austin Hankwitz known for his real-time wins and strategic financial advice is a financial analyst who spends a good amount of time sharing his opinion on stocks and providing tips to his followers on how to profit. He has shared his views on how to read the market, analyze and interpret growth metrics, and finding investor presentations.  He took his content to TikTok when he found the competition on youtube to be overwhelming and not gaining any traction.

It is important to understand the internet gurus such as these Tik Tok stars are not teaching one right method. They follow the markets, read, learn and explain based on their experience with trading. These TikTokers may not be able to guarantee you success, but they are a beginning for you to understand more about finance and investments.

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